Fiona Whiteside MChem MSc (Trans)

French to English Translations for Science and Industry


You can contact me vial e-mail or send a fax. Large files can be transferred via a FTP server (please contact me for details).


I use Microsoft Office 2007, so can work with Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) and PowerPoint (.ppt) files as well as the newer docx etc. XML versions. I can also handle pdf and html documents.

To maintain a high standard of quality and consistency in my work I use the OmegaT CAT tool. Using a Translation Memory (TM) tool such as this means that in a repetitive text, such as an instruction manual, terms are translated in the same way each time, resulting in consistency throughout the document. In the same way TM can also be used to ensure that specific terminology is applied to all documentation for the same client, again providing consistency to each project.

For work on web sites I also have access to Dreamweaver.

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